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Category: Natural Areas Visits , Eco Tourism , Living Tourism , Hike, trekking , Adventure Tourism , Wildlife
Country: Colombia

Duration: 3 days

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Get to know the Natural Nativity scene of Colombia, without cars, without motorcycles, neat, the second city after Leticia in the Colombian Amazon called Puerto Nario. Later knowing two indigenous communities settled on the Amazon River: Moca gua and Loma linda. Enjoy nature that is one of the tourist attractions. Get to know the daily life of indigenous peoples, their custom, their culture and see pink and gray dolphins.


  • Hike, trekking
  • Flora, wildlife observation
  • Natural Areas Visits

Guiding languages

  • English
  • Spanish

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights

Meeting point: Leticia, 12 Street, no. 9-83

Departure time: 9:00

Return time: 18:00


Day: 1

Meeting with the culture

  • We leave the Port of Leticia at 07:00 by public boat to the indigenous community of Loma Linda.
  • We will take a tour of the community knowing the different clans of the ethnic groups: ticunas, cocamas and yaguas, who live there.
  • We will make an ecological walk knowing the sacred tree of the indigenous people where it is believed that the universe was created.
  • At night we sleep in the jungle, in a hammock and mosquito net.

Day: 2

Discovering Nature

  • We leave at 08:30 after breakfast to Mocagua inhabited by 800 people between Ticunas, yaguas and cocamas, we made a small tour of the community.
  • We will visit the Maikuchiga Foundation and learn how to rehabilitate a primate injured by a hunter or how to provide medical assistance when they are sad and sick.
  • We will find different kinds of primate and they will tell us the story of each primate.
  • We will know about the indigenous Chagra and observe pink and gray dolphins.
  • At night we will go fishing with artisanal elements, and possibly we will be able to observe alligators.
  • We sleep in the community.

Day: 3

Visit to the Natural Nativity Scene of the World

  • We arrive to Puerto Nariño around 09:00.
  • It is the second largest city in the Amazon with 8,000 inhabitants between indigenous people and settlers, it is a fairly clean small town, where there are no cars, motorcycles or bicycles. There we can see the largest scale fish in the world, we can see alligators, turtles and the lotus flower the royal victory.
  • We visited the Natutama Foundation that deals with the pink dolphin and the manatee, which are in extension.
  • Finally we visit the ethnographic museum of the Amazonian man and enjoy a small ice cream based on fruits from the region.
  • At 17:00 we will return to Leticia.

Service provided in Spanish

  • Transportation by vehicle,
  • River transport,
  • Local guide,
  • Food throughout the tour,
  • Hydration,
  • Rubber boots,
  • Free night at the hostel when they arrive from the tour,
  • Tickets to the different places.
  • Activities out of agreement,
  • Alcoholic beverages,
  • Tourism tax

When should I book?

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