Albania is a beautiful country to visit.

The capital of Albania, Tirana, is going to be a jumping off point for a lot of people exploring Albania’s best spots. After you have visited, you all be able to see a lot of the other highlights in this dynamic capital city, as well as Albania as a whole, in more depth.

Once the capital of Albania, Durres is located near the country’s coastal area, near the now colourful capital. A famous place for a relaxing vacation, Durres is a port town that is an absolute must-visit spot in Albania for soaking up its coastal beauties. There are unspoiled beaches making this one more favourite spot for travellers visiting in Albania.

In addition to ancient ruins found within the city, Sarandes surroundings are filled with historical sites and natural beauties, making it a good location to use as a base for exploring the area. Thanks to Albania’s long and intriguing history, the cities and picturesque countryside in Albania are filled with stunning ancient castles, Roman ruins, and Ottoman-era mosques and buildings, making the country fascinating to explore. Unlike some other places, there is plenty to explore in this country, starting with ancient cities, medieval-era castles, exotic beaches, to the Ottoman architecture that lines its streets.

The serene beauty, amazing beaches, amazing architecture, beautiful lakes, and the peacefulness of the place are just enticing, and attracts large numbers of tourists every year. Some outdoors lovers believe that Theth National Park is one of the best places to visit in Albania, with attractions like Theth Tower, working Watermill, and Grunnas Waterfall. Visit Theth National Park Lying at the northern tip of the country, at high altitudes above the Albanian Alps, Theth National Park is one of the country’s most beautiful places.

As you can see, the Butrint National Park is one of the best places to visit in Albania, both for history lovers and for nature lovers. Lying near the Greek island of Corfu, Butrint National Park is one of the amazing places to visit in Albania. Hikers and lovers of nature will find Theth one of the best places to visit on your Albanian road trip.

Due to Berats historical relics and scenic beauty, the small city is one of the best places to visit in Albania. The city is stunning, and Berat has many interesting things to do.

Visit Historic Town Berat which is also known as The City of One Thousand Windows due to the distinctive, white-walled Ottoman houses that are characterised by their number of windows. One of Albania’s more interesting smaller towns, Berat is known as the City of a Thousand Windows -- or, as my guide pointed out, the City with a window over a window.

Kruje is located to the north of the city and is one of the most important places to visit in Tirana, Albania. Durres - located to the north of the colourful capital today - is known as being the hometown town of Gjergj Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero.

In northern Albania, you will find Shkoder, a town surrounded by rural areas and a former location for a lot of battles from the past, including some dating all the way to ancient Rome. You will also find smaller, less-visited towns not visited by many tourists to Albania, like Elbasan, Pogradec (on beautiful Lake Ohrid, shared with Macedonia) and Korca

Further along the coast in Albania, you will find both cities such as Himara and Vlora, as well as smaller villages such as Borsh and Hermi -- but even the bigger cities along the coast have stunning beaches right out their doorsteps. Just outside of Berat, you will find waterfalls and canyons (more on those in a minute) as well as some of Albania’s best vineyards, including Nurellari Winery and the Kobo Winery. If you are in Tirana looking for a good view over Tirana, you will not find any better view than from atop Dajti Mountain, so make sure you spend at least an evening up there before leaving Albania. Here, you will find cities with museums like Tirana’s Its, and Gjirokastra, the stone town which is home to one of Albania’s most unique forms of music.

Just 5kms from Qsamil, you will find Butrint, another place on a list of UNESCO sites in Albania. One of the most unforgettable museums in the Balkans, Bunk Art catalogues the Albanian times under the Enver Hoxha regime through an array of different perspectives (including those of ordinary citizens), giving outsiders a valuable window into Albanian life just decades earlier.