OleoAlmanzora: Guided tour + Masterclass of EVOO tasting Eng OleoAlmanzora: Guided tour + Masterclass of EVOO tasting Esp

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ID: GYG497623-O-879794
Country: Spain

Duration: 02:30 hours


Embark on a captivating journey through Pulpí with OleoAlmanzora. Mediterranean Passion! Passion for Health!
Join us on a visit to one of our innovative olive groves in Pulpí, where you can appreciate the secret of cultivating and harvesting our olive trees. After the mesmerizing walking tour, at the Oleoalmanzora facilities, you will see our tasting room, cellar, and bottling room. There, you'll learn about the oil production and preservation process through different demonstrative videos. The visit will conclude with a masterclass session of Extra Virgin Olive Oils tasting led by an expert, that will guide the attendees in the classification of the different types of olive oil and teach them to appreciate the various nuances, flavors, aromas, attributes, and defects of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. After the session, there will be a tasting with bread of all our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and olive oil condiments with natural aroma.

The tour concludes at our exclusive Gourmet store, where you can purchase OleoAlmanzora products along with gourmet products from Almeria (Sabores Almeria).


  • Savor the highest quality EVOOs and flavored Olive Oils with a tasting session
  • Embark on a captivating journey through olive groves and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Discover the importance of olive trees and olives in the world
  • Learn how to storage you EVOO at home
  • Learn how to maximize the taste of your plates when cooking with EVOO

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All visitors need to inform about any special walking conditions and food allergies or special conditions to adapt our tours and experiences well in advance.

Pets are welcome but we need to know it in advance too.

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